Universal Newborn Liner

The Obaby Universal Newborn Liner is the perfect addition to your stroller. Whilst simple in idea, it is priceless in application. Attachable to any 5 point safety harness, the newborn liner is the perfect way to provide extra support and comfort for baby. Twin zips hold the apron securely in place and allow quick removal, but also allow easy folding to a create a different sized opening if required. Once in position, toggles and loops on either side secure the apron in place.

With its extra supportive memory foam construction, cosy fleece lining, durable outer fabric and easy to remove zipped apron, the newborn liner is the perfect addition to any from birth pushchair.


* Extra supportive memory foam construction
* Padded with cosy fleece lining
* Removable zipped apron with adjustable opening size
* Compatible with from birth strollers & buggies with a 5 point safety harness
* Suitable from birth

Weight: 0.55kg
Dimensions: 13 x 35 x 75cm