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Baby Sensory from 12 months – At Home

Every 12-month-old is different and has different abilities but here are a few things that you may see your 12-month-old do:


  • Your 12-month-old is able to creep or crawl
  • Is able to sit independently
  • Pulls self up to stand
  • Walks holding on to furniture
  • Can stand alone
  • May have taken their first steps

Hand Skills

Your little one’s hand skills are continually improving. At 12 months your baby should be able to point and/or poke things with their pointer finger. They should be able to use a pincer grasp (thumb and pointer finger) to pick up things. They should be able to put things into a container and then take them out. They will also finger feed themselves and start getting better at using a spoon.


Your baby is learning language by imitating you. You may hear a few words like ‘Mama’, “Dada’, ‘no’. To keep increasing their language skills make sure you speak to them continually throughout the day. Describe daily tasks or activities that are happening around them. Make sure you remember to read to your little one daily. They may also be using their pointer finger and use pointing as one of their means of communicating with you.


Your little one may be testing their limits. You may be hearing ‘no’ on a regular basis. They may be starting to throw tantrums. You may also notice that your 12 month old might be shy or anxious towards certain people.

One year on and so much incredible growth and development has happened. Your once helpless newborn has now transformed into a little person who is mobile and so much more independent.

Here are my top 5 sensory activities for the 12 month old:

Free play and exploration

One-year olds love to explore. Providing them with opportunities to free play and explore their environment and objects encourages curiosity and also fosters creativity.
Pots, Pans, wooden spoons, whisks and spatulas are great for this as well as cardboard boxes. They will use their imagination and have hours of fun. (hopefully)

Water Play

This activity is great for any season. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter. During summer you can play outside. You can play in water parks or fill up a water table, a baby swimming pool or simply a large container with water. In winter your baby can play in sinks or in bathtubs. Your little one will love splashing around and playing with a variety of water toys. Maybe add some bubble bath/soap for extra fun.

Sandbox/mess tray

This activity can get messy but it is also easy to clean up. Depending on what you can find in your supermarket you can use any of the following for this activity: dried porridge oats, dried pasta, dried rice and cereals. Place it into a large container with a splash mat underneath it. First, let your little one explore the texture with their hands. Then add some toys or cups and spoons to the mix. They can keep strengthening and developing their hand skills as well as use their imagination to explore.


This activity can get messy but it’s great fun for your little one. Its best to place them at a table or in their highchair. Simply cover the area in old newspaper and put your little one in old clothes and they can paint and drawer to their heart’s content and the pictures make beautiful memories for parents too.

Blowing bubbles

Nothing delights a 1 year old more than popping bubbles. Stick to a simple bottle of bubbles, or make plenty, with a small bubble machine

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