Baby Sensory from 6 months – At Home

If you’re the parent of a 6-month-old now, well done!

Becoming a parent in 2020 / 2021 needs a special pat on the back… Nobody plans on becoming a parent during a pandemic & parenting in isolation when you’d planned to join all the mummy & baby classes is just another thing covid-19 has taken from us.  Luckily, your baby will not remember this & will not suffer from not attending classes, as you’re able to work on baby sensory in the comfort of your own home.

Your baby is growing up fast and they are ready to play more and more. Sensory play is critical for babies’ developing brains, and you’ll enjoy watching as your child discovers new textures and learns about cause and effect, all while having tons of fun. Try these easy DIY ideas (many use household items you already have, like baby safe paint!) to stimulate baby’s senses and satisfy their need for exploration.

Here are my top 5 sensory activities for the 6th month old:

Peekaboo is such a fun game for the baby. The smiles and the giggles keep on coming. They love the surprise of seeing that hidden face pop back up in front of them but also appreciate the predictability of what is going to happen. It’s a great game for teaching them that even though something may be hidden, it still exists. Playing Peek-a-Boo with your baby will help her understand that people and things are still there when she can’t see them.

If it’s summer, outside is a perfect place to play. If however, these are the cooler months playing in a bathtub is just as fun. If you are using a baby pool or a bathtub only fill it up with few inches of water. Depending on how well your baby is sitting up you may want to hold them up or just get in the water with them. Then, let your baby splash around. You will get lots of smiles as they kick around with their legs or splash around with their hands.

A perfect drum can be made from a simple kitchen plastic bowl or an empty container. All you have to do is turn it upside down, grab some wooden spoons and viola!!
Let your toddler explore the sounds and get more control of their hands as they start banging around on the drums.

I know that the thought of having a baby play with food freaks out many parents. They will get it all over themselves and there will be lots to clean up afterwards. Yes, it’s messy but it is actually really good for them. Getting messy is part of the process of learning to eat. As they play and explore they learn about all the properties of the food. They learn about the texture, the smell if it makes any sounds when it’s squished.

Messy Kids Who Play With Their Food May Be Faster Learners, Study Says

Explore visual senses through glowing lights in the dark. You can play this game in any position. Your baby can be lying down on their tummy or their back. They can also be sitting up. There are so many baby light toys, or you can make your own with fitting Christmas lights in a cardboard box for them to look at or add battery fairy lights into a plastic tupperware box for them to play with. Colourful light up balls are easy to get hold off & even waterproof light balls to create the ultimate sensor bathtime.

Research has shown that involving babies in sensory experiences from birth helps to boost their brain structure. … That is why sensory stimulation from birth really is so very important, it helps create those new pathways in the brain by giving the baby new sensory experiences. We would love to hear what ideas you’ve come up with to entertain your little ones.

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Next week we’ll be sharing baby sensory games for 12 months +

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