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Exercising during pregnancy with The Bump Plan

We invited the fabulous Hollie Grant to host our blog this month.

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Hollie Grant is an award-winning Pilates expert, experienced personal trainer and pre and postnatal exercise specialist. With over a decade’s experience, Hollie has taught thousands of women across the globe in her popular London studio, at luxury hotels such as The Royal Mansour and The Mandarin Oriental, via her online platform The Pilates PT On-Demand and through her hugely successful online pre and postnatal fitness platform The Bump Plan.

Since launching in December 2020, The Bump Plan Online has helped over 20,000 women stay active during pregnancy and after birth and is recognised as the leading pre and postnatal fitness plan in the UK. Hollie has been featured regularly in, and gives expert advice to, publications such as VogueThe Sunday TimesThe Telegraph, and Stylist magazine, and has been interviewed on various industry podcasts, whilst also hosting both ‘The Strong Women’ and ‘Bun in The Oven’ podcasts.

Hollie is mother to Freya, and The Bump Plan Prenatal was filmed throughout her own pregnancy with Freya, giving members a unique opportunity to grow alongside her. Hollie has also always been a huge advocate for improving the fitness industry’ offering for women, leading the way to create an anti-diet culture grounded brand, and takes a feminist approach to all the services she offers.


So, what are the proven benefits of staying active during pregnancy?

  • Reduction in hypertensive disorders
  • Improved cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Lower gestational weight gain
  • Reduction in risk of developing gestational diabetes
  • Improvements to mental health and mood

There is also some evidence to suggest an active pregnancy could help reduce the length of your labour, and reduce your likelihood of an assisted birth (caesarean, forceps etc)

What are the guidelines for physical activity during pregnancy?

View the UK chief medical officers suggestions for healthy pregnant women, who are having an uncomplicated pregnancy: Click Here

  • 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week and include two strength-based activities (such as Pilates).
  • The length of each workout can be anything from 10 minutes onwards, so don’t panic if you have limited time, and all activity counts (that’s even walking the dog). The Bump Plan workouts are 20 and 30 mins long for this reason.
  • We should aim to work at a moderate intensity - you should still be able to talk but feel as though you are breathing faster.
  • There are some slightly obvious guidelines around not “bumping the bump” so be mindful of activities that may cause you to do that eg rugby, or horse riding.
  • If you weren’t active before pregnancy start gradually with shorter workouts and build up when you feel able to.

Overall, I would stress that you should partake in physical activity you enjoy, as you are more likely to stick with it. Physical activity should be something you enjoy, not resent or dread! Staying active during pregnancy has so many benefits, and The Bump Plan has helped thousands of women around the world enjoy moving their bodies as they get to know their bumps! You’ve got this!!

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