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How to make baby’s first Christmas special

Your baby’s first Christmas can be amazing & packed with so many memories.

While your baby isn’t going to understand the magic of Christmas just yet, it’s always good to start your traditions & create some special moments that can be celebrated year after year.

Here’s our tips for a magical first Christmas

  • Hand Print Christmas Decos Create the cutest Christmas decoration & gifts grandparents will love forever, with a footprint or handprint and turn it into a tree ornament. These can either be as simple as a card or paint onto a bauble or even a salt dough ornament with their hand/footprint. you could even paint their name & date if you're feeling adventurous.
  • Matching Pjs! It’s become a massive trend that your little one can join in with, matching pj’s for all the family is a must!! How cute are those Xmas morning pictures going to be in front of the tree?
  • Christmas Eve Box Creating a Christmas Eve box can be a special bedtime tradition for the most exciting night of the year, this can include their special Christmas Pjs, a Christmas bedtime book to read in bed, a small gift such as a soft cuddly toy, Christmas socks or slippers, as they get older you might want to add a chocolate treat & festive crafts.
  • Family Christmas Photo You might not feel at your best now, but in a few years, you’ll treasure these images, don’t always be the one behind the camera. Family get togethers are the perfect time to capture the different milestones of your little one.
  • Now for the new mama! You’re a new mum & we know how much pressure Christmas Day can cause, don’t take on too much. Look after yourself, this year! Your little one won’t remember how perfect the tree looks or how the Christmas dinner was. If anything let someone else take over those chores this year. Your only responsibilities are to ensure you & your little one have a relaxed Christmas watching Christmas films with a box of chocolates always within reach!

We hope everyone has an amazing Christmas, let us know if you have any other ideas to make Christmas with your little one magical.

Love everyone at Obaby x

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