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The Astrid Collection by Obaby

The name Astrid is of Scandinavian origin and means “divinely beautiful”.

With sleek lines, a two-tone colourway and super modern handle-less drawers and doors, The Astrid collection certainly lives up to its name.

There is a choice of two colours, Satin and White. Both choices are combined with natural wood accents, that are synonymous with traditional Scandi furniture design.

The White Collection is everything you want when creating a modern and stylish nursery, clean, fresh and adaptable to any colour scheme.

While Satin is a stunning cream/off white, like the most luxurious of lattes and creates a warm and welcoming feel to the room.

The only downside is it will be difficult to choose between them!

The Cot Bed

The Astrid cot bed comes in two sizes, both are suitable from birth until approx. 4-5 years of age. The base on both cot beds has three heights. Have it fixed to the highest setting when you have a new born (trust me when I say this is a lifesaver for your back!) Then when they grow the cot bed grows with them, just lower the base settings to stop any Mission Impossible style escape attempts!

Both cot beds come with a toddler rail to help the transition from cot to big bed. I understand just how daunting this move can be (and not just for your little one).

Being able to do it in stages makes it much easier, helping them settle and have a good night’s sleep (what’s not to love about that!). Then when they are confident, the rail can be removed to create the most adorable toddler bed.

The Astrid Mini might by mini by name but not by nature. I love that it has all the same features as the full-size cot bed. Which means parents with smaller rooms don’t have to compromise on their dream nursery. Good things really do come in small packages!

The Changing Unit

One of my favourite things about the collection is the changing unit. Most units mean you are stood side on to baby; however, The Astrid has a clever changing top which means you are facing your little one. From experience, I know how much of a difference this will make. Not only in the ease in which you can change a nappy or get baby dressed, it also means you can really enjoy lots of precious interaction. There is also raised sides to hold the changing mat in place and provide that extra confidence when dealing with a wriggly baby!

Once baby is older, simply remove the changing top and you are left with a beautiful chest of drawers which would look at home in any room.

The drawers are amazing, providing 34l of storage space. So much room for all those super cute vests and socks! However, it’s the design that really makes the Astrid so special. The handle-less drawers don’t compromise on the sleek design, and the smooth push release doesn’t compromise on practicality. As most parents would agree, if something is easy to use one handed it’s a winner!

The Wardrobe

If you are anything like me, your little one will have more clothes than you do. We have you covered with the Astrid wardrobe. Two hanging rails plus a full width shelf provides so much storage space. Then shut the stunning double handle-less doors, and no one will ever know you ordered that extra outfit!

Written by Charlie, Obaby Product Expert x

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