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Nursery Design Trends – Mountain Theme

Designing a Nursery is one of those enjoyable and exciting moments, you’re looking forward to your baby arriving, your family expanding, and the nursery is one of the rooms where you can be really creative and expressive.

Weeks are spent planning and trawling through Pinterest to find your dream theme, well… we are here to help! Over the next couple of posts, we are going to explore several different themes that have proven to be a big hit in 2020/2021.

With more time on our hands due to the pandemic, we can go all out and design something that will be spectacular. This week we are going to focus on the theme of Mountains.

Things you will need to achieve this theme:

  • Paintbrush (detailing brush)
  • Paint Roller
  • Scotch/Frog Tape
  • Damp Cloth
  • 3 different coloured paints
  • Newspaper or dust sheets

Here are some of our customers who have used the Mountain Theme in their nursery design

Accessories to finish off your nursery

We’ve put together a few items to accessorise and finish off your nursery, if you are interested in any of them, you can buy them here:

Stamford Double Wardrobe

Stamford Closed Changing Unit

Wooden Scandi Light Fitting

Set of three Scandi prints

Stamford Luxe Cot Bed

Round Back Rocking Chair

Scandi Play Gym

Circular Bubble Rug

Soft Ball Pool

Here's how you can achieve this theme

Step 1 – Protect your floor

Using reems of newspaper, or several dust sheets, lay these on your floor to eliminate paint spillages.

Step 2 – Tape out the foreground mountains using low tack tape

Start by planning which wall you are going to feature the mountains on – larger walls lend themselves well to having a statement mural on them. Using a low tack tape such as Scotch or Frog Tape, mark out the areas that will become your ground mountains, there is no need to draw these out first, you can achieve them easily by placing your tape to form triangles, try to have a variety of different heights as this can be really effective.

Step 3 – Tape out the background mountains

Following on from mapping out your foreground mountains, tape above, your background mountains, you will not need to form giant peaks with these as they should appear in the distance.  Once you have taped these sections, step back and review your shapes, alter if necessary and trim any joining edges to ensure a smooth peak, once you are happy with your mountains, wipe over the tape with a damp cloth to ensure that the tape is stuck correctly, and no paint will be able to leak or bleed through to the other sections.

Step 4 – Start painting the background mountains

Once you are happy with the taping, you can paint – hooray! Using a small detailing brush, paint around the edges of the mountains (a roller at this stage will not be able to get into the narrower sections) After painting all of the edges, now you can move on to a roller, to fill in the centres.

Step 5 – move onto the foreground mountains


TOP TIP: Use a slightly darker shade to the background mountains to achieve the depth of field.

Repeat the process used in the previous step.

We advise using 2 coats of paint depending on which you choose, but if you see any patches, you can always go over this with an extra coat of paint.

Step 6 – Remove the tape

Let the paint dry completely, when you’re happy that the paint is dry, gently peel off the tape to reveal a border of your original wall colour, if you like the border don’t worry about filling it in. Although if you want a seamless finish you can fill the borders.

Step 7 – Create your mountain peaks

Using your tape, mask off your mountain peaks, making sure that you accurately tape the shape so that there will be no overlap or gaps. Using your chosen colour, paint in the peaks, let this dry and then go over again with two to three more coats.

Once dry – your work is finished, and you can start to accessorise and build your nursery furniture.

If your still not too brave to have a go, watch this time-lapse video of how this is achieved in action

Baby& Child Magazine - DIIY Mountain Mural

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