Rocking Moses Basket Stand - Natural

Obaby's range of cute and cosy Moses baskets would not be complete without a beautifully designed selection of stands, perfect for supporting your baby and elegantly co-ordinating with the rest of your nursery.

By providing a stable base at a manageable height, Obaby's rocking Moses basket stand cleverly enhances your baby's Moses basket to enable a more comfortable and convenient experience for both parent and child. Featuring a gentle rocking motion, the stand carefully rocks your child into slumber, soothing and calming them as they fall, perfect for sweet dreams. With an effortlessly stylish and simple design, the stand is able to look fantastic amongst a wide range of nursery settings and themes.

The rocking Moses basket stand is compatible with all of Obaby's Moses basket collection.

Obaby offer a free 5 year guarantee to UK and Ireland when you register your product within 28 days.


* Simple design to co-ordinate with a wide range of nursery settings & styles
* Gently rocks your child to sleep
* Compatible with all of Obaby's Moses baskets
* Free Obaby 5 year guarantee to UK & Ireland

Weight 2.7kg
Dimensions: 52 x 50 x 83cm (H x W x L)