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Kiss goodbye to  those January  Blues

Blue Monday is advertised as the saddest day of the year, on the third Monday of January. It was created as a marketing campaign by Sky Travel in 2005, the concept was to sell more holidays and make us spend money! We think that sounds like a load of rubbish so instead we want to give you a chance to win £250 to spend on our website!  

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Although some retail therapy can certainly help us feel better and who doesn’t want to escape the winter temperatures, encouraging us to spend money doesn’t feel like a sustainable way to improve your mood.  

January can still be a challenging month for many, maybe you’ve splurged money on presents and overindulged at Christmas, the weather isn’t the best, but Spring is around the corner and it’s time to make some plans for 2022.  

We all know anxiety and feeling blue can happen at any time of year, your mental health is entirely subjective to you and no one else. 

Let’s face it… the last couple of years have been interesting with the pandemic dominating our lives but has also resulted in lots of beautiful pandemic babies! 

January blues aside, it can be a promising month, reflecting over the past year and setting goals for the future. 

We’ve gathered some ideas to boost your outlook on the year ahead, and maybe challenge you to try some new activities that you have previously overlooked or been too busy to investigate? …We all know parenting is juggling a million things all at once and your own self-care is sometimes at the bottom of the list. 

WIN £250 to spend on our website

Head over to our Instagram to be in with a chance of winning!

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